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Julian Roeder – The Summits (series) 
From World Wide Order
Yi So-yeon, Ph.D., South Korea’s first spaceflight participant
Wayne Barlowe – Frame of Reference
Why I Don’t Call The Police (Slate)
Fencing suits are awesome.
Australian Navy officer Morgan Macdonald stands in a rigid hull inflatable boat as he observes markers dropped from a Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) P3K Orion, after an object was sighted in the southern Indian Ocean. – Reuters pic, April 21, 2014.
Vladimir V. Alexioglo – Frost Crystals at the entrance of Ledyanaya Lenskaya Cave
"Melting of significant portions of Arctic permafrost could accelerate climate change into a catastrophe."
Cueva de los Cristales, Mexico
Cueva de los Cristales, Mexico

The main chamber contains giant selenite crystals (gypsum, CaSO4·2 H2O), some of the largest natural crystals ever found.[1] The cave’s largest crystal found to date is 12 m (39 ft) in length, 4 m (13 ft) in diameter and 55 tons in weight.